According to, South Carolina ranks tenth in the nation for having the worst drivers.  The website looked at the following criteria to reach its rankings: driving fatalities (from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration), states with the most tickets (from the American Motorists Association), and finally, states with the most drunk drivers (from Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  Louisiana ranked first, with the following states in descending order: Missouri, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, Montana, and Alabama.

It’s interesting that most of the states are from the south.  Why would this be a factor?  Because southern states have many more rural roads than their neighbors to the north or out on the west coast.  Rural roads tend to be much more dangerous than urban roads.  Financially and logistically it is harder for law enforcement to enforce the rules of the road.  South Carolina Highway Patrol Director Lieutenant Colonel Mike Oliver says South Carolina needs more state troopers.  Over the last three years the number of state troopers has decreased by 20% because of budget cuts.  Colonel Oliver is asking for 40 more troopers to help reduce drunk driving on South Carolina roads.

South Carolina ranked third in the nation for number of fatalities per million of miles.   This includes both motorists and pedestrians.  According to The Island Packet, pedestrian deaths in South Carolina have risen from 81 last year to 101, as of December 7, 2011.  This is an increase of 24% according to South Carolina Highway Patrol Captain Brad streaming film Brommers Kiek’n

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