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If you are a parent with a soon to be driving teenager, you should read this article.   The number one cause of death among teenagers is auto accidents.   Talk with your teenager about driving safely, then talk to them some more about it.   Make sure your teen understands that getting in the car with a dangerous (i.e. “lead-foot”) or drunk driver can get you hurt or killed.

When your teen starts driving, your insurance rates will go up.  There is no way around it, insurance companies have to price in the new risk, and a teen driver is a big risk, especially boys.   However, despite the extra cost, consider raising the minimum limits on your policy.  Most states only require you to carry $25,000 in liability and un-insured motorists coverage.   In even a semi-serious accident, that won’t pay for much.   I suggest you carry at least $250,000 in coverage to protect your teen from liability.   The policy will also protect them should they be a passenger in a car in an accident through the under-insured motorist’s coverage.

Talk to your teen about driving safely.   Then make sure you have enough insurance to cover the unexpected.

If you would like to discuss our recommended insurance coverages for a teen driver, call us.   From our office in Hilton Head, South Carolina we serve the area communities of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort and Savannah as well as the entire State of South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.   Call us toll free at 800-350-2990 or 843-785-3330 for a free consultation.