How long will my case take?

No two cases are the same.  Each case takes a different amount of time.

For instance, for your case to move forward to trial or settlement, you must finish your medical treatment.  Your medical bills are one of the fundamental damages you may recover in your case.  Until you finish your treatment, we can’t determine the full amount of your medical bills.

Also, you never know what the insurance company or corporation will offer to settle a case.  They may make you a fair and just offer.  If they do, we will advise you to accept the offer.  If you accept, your case will likely be wrapped up shortly.   However, the more likely scenario in this day and age is that the insurance company will offer you a settlement that you refuse to accept.  At that point we will advise you to file a lawsuit and head to trial.  Unfortunately, just like many of our social services, the court systems and their dockets are overwhelmed with cases.   While we will do our absolute best to get you a timely trial date, we can not control the court’s docket.   It’s another factor that will determine how long your case will take.

The Kerr Law Firm’s our number one goal on each and every case it to aggresively push your case to a timely resolution for the maximum settlement or verdict possible.   We constantly monitor area court dockets to ensure we know the time it will take to get a court date.  At trial, we  bring present day technology and experienced attorneys to your case.

From our home office in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina we represent persons injured in South Carolina, Georgia and the surrounding Bluffton/Beaufort/Savannah area.