Yes, you do!

There are many reasons you need a lawyer to represent you if you have been injured in an accident.   Here are a couple to think about:

1.    Despite what the insurance commercials say, they are not looking out for you.    Insurance companies make money by taking in your monthly premiums and paying out as little in claims as possible.  They are not benevolent non-profit companies trying to protect you.  From the moment you notify the insurance company you were in an accident, they are investigating the accident and trying to figure out how to pay you as little as possible.

For example, if you are hit and injured by a driver  who has absolutely no auto liability insurance at all and you make a claim against him under your own uninsured motorists coverage, guess who pays for the defendant’s lawyer?


Yes, your own insurance company will provide a lawyer for the defendant free of charge.  Why would they do this?  Because they don’t want to pay your claim under the uninsured motorists portion of your own policy.  So, the premiums you have been paying to protect you in this scenario are now being used by your own insurance company to defend the guy who hit you.


2.   You don’t know the law.   If you choose the Kerr Law Firm for your legal representation you can be confident that each and every legal remedy available will be pursued on your behalf.   Ultimately, it’s your case and the decision regarding which rights and remedies to pursue are yours.   We are here to make sure those options are all available to you.  If your appendix hurt, you wouldn’t try to take it out yourself, you would see a surgeon.   If your heat is broken you would call a heating company.  Why would you try to handle your own personal injury claim?

If you have been injured and want to speak to a lawyer, call the Kerr Law Firm.   Tell us about your case.  If you need a lawyer, we will tell you why.  If you don’t need a lawyer, we will tell you that as well.

From our main office in Hilton Head, South Carolina we cover the area of Bluffton, Beaufort and Savannah, as well as the entire State of Georgia.