There are several reasons the defendant’s insurance company won’t call you back.   However, the most likely reason is that they haven’t received notice of the accident.   You should never assume the defendant notified his insurance company after an accident.  More often than not defendant’s will not notify their insurance company.  They may be scared to report another accident for fear of having their coverage dropped.   They may have not paid the bill and let their coverage lapse.   All too often they had no insurance at all despite what they told you at the accident scene.   While giving false information to a police officer is a crime, it is rarely charged.

Another consideration to take into account if the insurance company won’t call you back is time.  There are time limits on notice to insurance companies after an accident.   If the defendant fails to notify his insurance company of the accident they can deny his coverage.   As part of each auto insurance policy the policy holder is required to notify their insurance company as soon as practical after an accident.  This allows the insurance company to investigate the accident while evidence and memories are fresh, and to set aside proper cash reserves to pay for any claims arising from the accident.

If you have been involed in an auto accident and the defendant’s insurance company won’t call you back, you should speak to the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Kerr Law Firm.  In each injury case there are several time sensitive requirements.  Insurance companies must be put on notice promptly.   Not just auto insurance, but health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran’s Administration all have separate reporting requirements that must be satisfied or your coverage can be denied.   Each case is also subject to a Statute of Limitations that governs how long you have to pursue a claim or be forever barred from any recovery.

Don’t risk handling a personal injury case on your own.   Call the Kerr Law Firm and take advantage of our free consultation today.   We will give you straighforward advice about your case, the issues involved and the different time limits with which you must comply.

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