How much your personal injury case is worth depends on the specific facts of your case.   Is the defendant clearly liable or were you also partially responsible for the accident?   What type of injuries do you have?   Have they healed entirely or will the effects linger for a lifetime?  Have you completed all your medical treatment or will you need treatment in the future?  In what jurisdiction did the accident happen?

As you can see the factors that must be analyzed in each and every case is potentially limitless.   There is no computer program or magic formula which can predict the value of your case.  It takes years of experience and research of settlements and jury verdicts to know what a personal injury case is worth.

Once you have completed all of your medical treatment and your current and future medical bills and lost wages have been tabulated we will have a pretty good idea of a settlement or verdict range for your case.   We can tell you what an insurance company is likely to offer and what a jury is likely to award at trial.   We will also tell you whether you should accept the insurance company’s offer or file suit and go to trial.   That is our job as your attorney, to give you the best legal advice regarding how to maximize your recovery in your personal injury case.

Determining how much a personal injury case is worth takes years of experience.   If you go to an attorney who says he can tell you what your personal injury case is worth ten days after your accident, you should get up and leave his office.

At the Kerr Law Firm we have the years of experience necessary to give you the best legal advice and representation.   If you would like to discuss how much your case is worth, contact us today.  From our main office in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina we represent persons in the surrounding areas of Bluffton and Beaufort, as well as in Georgia and Virginia.  The consultation is free.