If you are injured while on someone else’s land, home or office you may have a case against the owner of that land. Premises liability claims can range from a slip and fall on a sidewalk or in a store to an injury suffered on an amusement park ride. The liability of the landowner depends on the negligence of the landowner and the legal status of the injured party. These standards vary in each and every case.  If you are a business invitee the landlord owes you a higher standard of care.  If you are a trespasser the landlord owes you a lower standard of care.   The Kerr Law Firm can determine your status and evaluate your case for you.

When you are injured you need someone with the knowledge and experience to obtain a fair and just recovery for you and your family.   Our main office is in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and we represent injured persons in South Carolina and Georgia.   If you or a member of your family has been injured by the negligence of another person or company, call the Kerr Law Firm for a free consultation.