If you are going to be driving in Savannah, Georgia, make sure you obey the traffic laws.  Savannah-Chatham Police Chief Willie Lovett asked traffic division commander Lt. Greg Mitchell to organize a 90 day High Visibility Operation that will begin next week.  Chief Lovett is requiring every officer to become a traffic unit.

There have been multiple accidents that have caused serious injury and even death recently.  6 people have died in traffic accidents in the Savannah-Chatham area this year alone.  Now, every metro officer is being asked to be vigilant and extra cautious when possible violations and dangerous behavior is being displayed.

“Occasionally, we have to remind drivers and pedestrians alike that they need to take responsibility for their own safety and the dangers they place upon others,” Lovett said in a prepared statement.

Officers in marked police vehicles may issue traffic violations, but because they are usually focused on other parts of the law, it is mainly the traffic units that do the bulk of the work.  During this High Visibility Operation all officers are being asked to take an hour of each tour of duty to focus on traffic safety.

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