Remember those party pictures  you posted on your Facebook page three years ago?   They can come back to bite you if you are involved in a personal injury case.   It is so easy for defense attorneys to find you on Facebook or any of the other social networking sites these days.  A simple Google search for your name and hometown will lead to multiple links to you and your personal information.   While some of these sites give you control over who “sees” your information several recent cases may render that control irrelevant.  At least two judges across the country have ordered plaintiffs to give full and complete access to their Facebook page to the defense attorney viagra internet france.

In the first case, a contentious divorce, the wife accused the husband of past drug and alcohol abuse in the presence of their three young children.  After a subpoena to Facebook turned up dozens of pictures supporting the wife’s claim the judge awarded her full custody of the children.

In the second case, a wrongful death case, the plaintiff claimed he was chronically depressed after his wife was killed in an auto accident caused by the defendant.   The defense subpoenaed the plaintiff’s Facebook page which turned up numerous pictures of the plaintiff having a great time at numerous parties with much younger women.

Both of these cases illustrate that you must be very careful what you say and with posting pictures on the Internet.  They can be found no matter what your control features.   Think that deleted picture can’t be found?  Think again.  Facebook can retrieve pictures you have deleted from your page for months after you delete them.

Therefore, think before you post.   From defense attorneys to college entrance administrators, your Facebook page is an electronic biography that can, and will be, used against you by a defense attorney!