Bringing a child into the world should be the happiest time in the parents’ life.  Unfortunately, it can be their worst nightmare.  Sever brain injury can occur when the medical staff makes a mistake by not realizing the baby is in distress.

Factors that may contribute to a difficult birth include:

  • Babies that weigh more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces
  • Babies born before 37 weeks, premature babies’ bodies are more fragile
  • A breech delivery
  • Prolonged labor.

When a baby is stuck in the birth canal, he or she is deprived oxygen.  This can cause severe brain injury, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and Brachial plexus palsy.  Most doctors, midwives, and hospital staff will read the signs of distress, including an elevated heart rate, but unfortunately mistakes can be made.  A medical professional can misread fetal monitoring equipment, not indentify fetal distress during labor, or wait too long to perform a C-section.  This kind of misdiagnosis can have devastating effect on the baby and the family.  On top of the physical and emotional toll, traumatic brain injuries are very costly.  It is estimated that a family caring for a child with cerebral palsy will spend nearly $1 million over his or her lifetime.

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