Kaitlynn Fisher died in a car accident in Baltimore on June 19, 2010.   The driver of the other vehicle ran a red light.  She was 24 years old.  Her family has been battling Progressive Insurance, HER insurance company ever since.

 The driver who hit Kaitlynn was underinsured so Kaitlynn’s family wanted to collect her policy through her insurance company.  Progressive refused to pay, stating that there was a question of who was at fault.

The Fisher family ended up taking the other driver to court.  The attorney for Progressive sat with the defense attorney and even questioned witnesses.  The jury found in the Fishers’ favor, awarding them $760,000.00.

This case shows how important it is to have an attorney who will stand up for you against the insurance companies.  The Kerr Law Firm will fight the insurance companies so you get the settlement you deserve.

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